If you are a Jordanian citizen returning to the country

Jordan shoes are not only great in style and looks, but they also lend extreme comfort to the wearer. When Nike first introduced their line of shoes, Nike was basically synonymous with sports shoes like joggers and runners. Hence, they wanted to do something different and cater to a different line of shoes. This is when they entered the new arena of manufacturing shoes for the basketball game.

Michael Jordan was charged heavy fines every time he wore those shoes for his matches. The Jordan sneakers then became extremely popular among the common crowd and everyone wanted to own a pair of these shoes. Since those times, Jordan has been consistently introducing new varieties every time and they have managed to remain in the top. Possessing a pair of Jordan shoes is a proud matter and a collector’s item too. For extreme enthusiasts and lovers of shoes

When you are shipping to Jordan there are some important customs regulations for you to understand. If you are a Jordanian citizen returning to the country, you may be able to enter Jordan duty free.

In order to qualify for this, you need to have been out of the country for at least a year, and to have a valid passport with your national identification number. You should also be able to provide a cancelled residence permit from the country where you were residin

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